So I want to be really real for a bit here.

I. Hate. Cooking. Thanksgiving. Dinner.


I feel better getting that out there! Haha!  But seriously, I really do not enjoy working so hard on one meal that, if we are being really real, is just another meal.  One, that in my house is going to be picked at, whined about, and eventually made into soup so it won't go bad.  Oh sure, the kids will eat the bread, maybe some of the turkey, but then just beg for 3 slices of pie because they are starving.  Yes starving, when I spent 2 or more days getting all of this food ready for them to eat!  Ugh!  See, it is just my Husband, 4 kids, and I that partake in this meal, since we do not have family in the area.  Many times we go to friends houses, but this year the hubs schedule didn't allow it to work out.  Try finding a turkey just to feed 6. Like an actual turkey not just a breast (because why?) not a chicken, or a game hen, an actual turkey.  You end up with 15 pounds of meat leftover from a 17 pound turkey!

That brings me back to the second part of the title of this post, …..But did anyway.  Why did I make it anyway, you ask?  Well, as I was having a phone conversation with a great friend, and not having to feel like I had to hide the fact that I was thinking of skipping the full spread in leu of a cold cut spread with all sorts of things my 4, of varying degrees of picky, children would eat, my almost 10 year old overheard me.

And he lost it.

Full on melt down status.

With a quick goodbye to my friend, I hung up and went to see what was wrong.  It turns out that this great little guy was soooo looking forward to the turkey dinner and that the only reason we have Thanksgiving, according to him, was to have turkey, and mashed potatoes, and stuffing, and cranberry sauce, and pie, and...... (Note to self, work on getting to the heart of this holiday with the kids...)

It then struck me, that for him, this food, this tradition, meant family being together, making memories, and love. It WAS about the food, It WASN'T just another meal.  Hmmm, so it didn't matter if they loved the food, it mattered what the food represented to us as a family.

Lightbulb! (yes, I just said that in my head in Gru's voice)

So, yup, I am going to spend all day in the kitchen, and yup, most of the food won't be eaten, but our family will be continuing on a tradition that is irreplaceable to my kids, so it is irreplaceable to me, too.  Making memories and traditions to pass down to my kids is important enough to me to endure Turkey day slavery!

Love and Blessings to you and your family this Thanksgiving from us at A Mother's Touch,

Why I wasn't going to make Thanksgiving dinner.... But did anyway