The Power of Support

Melissa H and I attended a 4 day training and certification for postpartum doulas and placenta encapsulation recently and this trip has been so refreshing and renewing for me personally, I just had to share my “A HA” moment!

While I have been supporting new mothers in the postpartum period for more than 15 years, both as a La Leche League Leader and facilitator of a new moms group, getting certified was important to me.  It shows the woman I work with that I make their care a top priority and want the most up-to-date information and tools to support them in this special time of transition.  I knew Melissa and I would have a great time because we always do when we are together, and just getting a short break from the demands of parenting, schooling and running our business, was a great thing!

What I didn't expect was to feel supported, refreshed, and renewed by my time with these women, who were there to learn just like us and were virtual strangers at the beginning of the 4 days.  I think when your passion is to support and care for others, it can come as a surprise to find that you need support, and to be cared for too.  So in my time with them, just getting to share meals without little ones spilling their drinks or needing to go potty, in sitting and learning about the special women that have inspired these new friends to make it their passion that others feel cared for and not alone in a stage of life that is so emotional and spiritual, it fed me.  Without them even having to try, by just sharing in the journey with me, they were my doulas and that is exactly what I needed and never knew.

It has reminded me to make sure that I am taking the time to care for myself as I take care of my family and business.  It shows me that I am like so many of my clients, working really hard at keeping all the balls of life in the air, that their own ball gets set to the side, with the thought of when there is time I will do something for myself, but that time never comes!  So I finally get it! After a small glimpse of what that care feels like, I am more passionate than ever to help bring that care to the women we work with, and myself!

From a meal that is home cooked and nourishing for a growing family, a listening ear to the concerns of new parenthood, showing a mom how to breastfeed comfortably, to belly binding and herbal baths, these self care activities allow a woman to care for her family from a place of fullness.  I resolve to give to myself just as I give to my clients and because of that I am going to be able to be there for them in a way that will be felt and experienced fully by both the families we serve and me personally!